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Vinyl Plank Flooring Can Be Functional And Beautiful

When it comes to choosing the perfect type of flooring, every homeowner wants a combination of resilience, style, and affordability. There are a few types of materials that fit this bill and one of them is vinyl flooring. Though not as expensive as hardwood flooring, vinyl floors can also deliver in the durability department. Advancements in manufacturing technology has paved the way for better vinyl floors than those you might have known a few decades back. In general, there are a number of perks that await when you choose vinyl flooring. Here are some of those benefits:

Just like hardwood, vinyl floors can also last for quite a long time

  1. Low maintenance – for those people who are looking for a type of flooring that requires the least amount of maintenance, they’ll find vinyl flooring quite nice. Since it is made out of vinyl, it does not require sanding, staining, or finishing. It also doesn’t have all the tiny crevices where dust could accumulate like that in carpets. It’s also resistant to moisture and its impacts on other types of flooring materials. It also does not stain. You only need to sweep the floor, give it a quick mop, and you’re all done.
  1. Water resistance – ceramic tiles are known for their resilience and water resistance. On the same spectrum, vinyl flooring also offers the same properties but only better. In general, vinyl flooring is a lot cheaper. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider switching to vinyl floors when renovating the kitchen or bathroom.
  1. Superb underfoot comfort – tile, wood, and concrete floors can give you that chilling feel when there’s no heating available. However, it’s not the same for vinyl flooring. It’s also a lot softer to walk on, making it perfect for homeowners who have small children in the house.
  1. A cheap price tag – you’ll find that there are plenty of varieties of vinyl flooring in the market. You can even find expensive ones that look the part. However, in general, vinyl flooring in Florence is on the inexpensive side of things which make it ideal for first-time homeowners who are renovating their home. It’s cheap but offers the same properties that more expensive alternatives have.
  1. Durability – with proper maintenance and care, vinyl floors can last anywhere from 10-20 years. When you do the math, it’s not likely you’ll spend a dime more on the flooring if you go vinyl. Again, vinyl floors are highly durable which makes them the perfect type of floor for homeowners who are looking for the most value for their money.
  1. Ease of flooring installation – with just about any type of floor comes the part where it needs to be installed. Unlike hardwood floors where you have a lot of finicky processes to follow, you don’t really have that with vinyl flooring. The good thing about vinyl flooring is that they could be installed by a novice or by expert contractors like Flooring Pros Florence.

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