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Hardwood Floors That Are Tough

When you talk about the true classic type of flooring, one thing comes into mind and that’s hardwood. For centuries, people have used hardwood floors. In fact, hardwood has been the staple flooring material for quite a long time and it is still being used today. Thanks to the preservation techniques that have been developed over time and the inherent durability of hardwood, we can have floors that last more than a lifetime.

Hardwood floors are durable and highly reliable even after decades of use

It is important to consider where you will install your hardwood floors when choosing the type of hardwood floors in Florence to buy. This is especially true if you live in a multi-level house. According to experts, hardwood flooring installation is different in the second level of a house than at the first level and basement.

The type of hardwood flooring that you will purchase will depend on where you plan to install it. If you plan to install in the basement or on the first floor, it will be safe to purchase engineered hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is specifically developed and manufactured to prevent moisture damage coming from the ground. If you want the flooring installation on the second or other levels of your home, you can choose solid wood that matches the theme of your home.

Basically, there are three different types of subfloor: concrete, plywood, and particleboard. If you have a concrete subfloor, the best type of hardwood flooring to get is engineered wood. Do not worry, however, because there are different types and styles of engineered hardwood that you can get for your flooring. Plus, some of the ones available on the market today are highly similar to solid wood with regards to performance.

If you really want to use solid wood with your concrete subfloor, you will have to cover the concrete with plywood. Otherwise, you need to hire a flooring professional to expertly and securely install your hardwood flooring over your concrete subfloor. For plywood and particleboard subfloors, you can use either solid hardwood or an engineered wood for your flooring. If you are not sure what type of subfloor you have, consult a flooring professional at once.

Your living conditions and lifestyle – flooring is the most abused part of the house as it is subject to daily wear and tears. How you live at home will help you determine how much your flooring will be used. Keep this detail in mind when choosing hardwood floors. If you have kids and pets, harder types of wood are highly recommended for you. You can also consider choosing hardwood with grain patterns and unique stains and finishes. These work great in hiding dents and scratches, which is highly likely if you belong in a big household or often hose parties.

The style of your home – the style of your home will help determine the specific type of wood flooring that you should purchase. Maple wood is perfect for modern homes, while hickory is the best choice if the style of your home is traditional. If you are not sure about the style of your home, seek professional assistance from Flooring Pros Florence.

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