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Flooring Trends In 2019

Are you in the market to update your dated flooring design? Don’t miss out on the latest trends this year. Some of the trending flooring options in 2019 are familiar, but you might be surprised by the other items on the list. One of the items on this year’s trending list is vinyl flooring. It comes as no surprise to see vinyl flooring up on the list again due to the number of benefits this type of flooring has to offer. If you’re more of the hardwood purist, you’re in luck as hardwood remains on top of the list as well. However, not in the common way that you normally see hardwood flooring.

2019 flooring trends that you should be looking into

Reclaimed wood – the eco-friendly person within you would be happy to know that reclaimed wood is on the list of trending flooring options for 2019. Not only are they beautiful, homeowners who choose this kind of flooring material is also giving both their budget and the environment a favor. And of course, the added trendy look goes without saying.

Rapid-lock vinyl – a lot of homeowners are turning to vinyl flooring when doing remodels or flooring upgrades due to its stain and water-resistant properties. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also quite elegant. They perfectly mimic the styles of popular hardwood without the hefty price tag. Rapid-lock vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms and kitchen where hardwood flooring isn’t best suited.

Hexagon ceramic tile – in 2019, geometric shapes are hot. Everything from throw pillows to wall décor, hexagon shapes are making a huge wave. If you watch house refitting videos on youtube, chances are you have been recommended a clip from one of the biggest tiles producers in which they praise the functionality and looks of a hexagon-shaped floor and wall tiles. Truth be said, the popularity of the video is the work of marketing company, but it doesn’t change the fact that the hexagon tiles are perfect for bathroom and kitchen. Surely hexagon ceramic tiles will make these areas of your home look trendy. Although they may look expensive, ceramic tiles are among the most affordable type of flooring material which means you don’t have to stress out over a limited budget.

Distressed hardwood – hardwood flooring has been around since people got to build houses. Hardwood flooring has been in and out of the trends for decades and won’t be going out of fashion for who knows how long. However, this year, distressed hardwood floors are the trend. Showing off the natural grain, distressed hardwood offers a premium and trendy look to any home. However, prices may be on the higher end.

Polished concrete floors – this year, the industrial look is taking on a spot in the trending list. Once only used in garages, polished concrete floors have become a hit in kitchens, basements and even in bedrooms. The good thing about this kind of flooring is that they require little maintenance. You don’t have to worry about costly flooring installation Florence either.

For any kind of flooring installation and maintenance, always consult an expert. Flooring can be expensive and it would be a complete shame to just let your hardwood floor rot away without proper maintenance. Or perhaps have the installation done by unlicensed or inexperienced contractors. When it comes to anything that’s related to flooring, experts such as Flooring Pros Florence is your best bet in protecting your investment.

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