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Flooring 101 – Are Ceramic Tile Floors A Good Choice?

While there are plenty of flooring options out there, only a handful can be used in all areas inside the house. Ceramic tile flooring, for instance, can be installed just about anywhere you would like. There’s no real downside to using tile floors. But is it the right kind of flooring for your home? Is ceramic tile flooring a good choice? Here are some insights about ceramic tile flooring that you would want to know:

Installing Ceramic Floors

The first thing you need to do is to find a ceramic tile floor that suits your style and yet is functional. Obviously, tile floors can either make or break a room’s overall design. This is the reason why it should go along with the rest of the room’s design. Try to find ceramic tile floors that require low cleaning maintenance like earth-colored or medium-toned tiles. It’s time to assess how many tiles you will need by measuring the entire room. Plan on the floor layout. You should keep in mind that the most economical approach is one that requires minimal piecing and cutting.

Tip: ceramic tile in Florence is recommend buying an extra 15% more tiles in case of damage, breakage and for future repairs. For tiles with complex design, consult with your flooring expert regarding how many extra tiles you might need. The next thing you do is to assess the condition of the existing floor where the new tiles will be installed. It costs less to just mount the tiles if the existing floor is in very good condition, otherwise, you have to completely remove old tiles.

At this point where tiles have already been removed, you have the choice to install floor insulation. If you’ve been considering this as part of your home renovation plan, now is the time to do it. Installing floor insulation adds comfort especially on bathroom floors.

Setting-Up Tile Floors

Mounting ceramic tile floors should always start at the center of the room going outward. This practice ensures that if your contractor needs to cut tile floors to fit the corners, the tiles would be the same size. In doing this, you might as well choose to cut tiles that are not aesthetically enticing. Equally place tiles about 1/32 to 1/4 inch apart, this will depend on the type of ceramic tiles and also the prepared thickness of your grout lines. Putting plastic spacers will make the flooring installation easier.

Using a thin-set mortar and applied with a notched trowel, you can now install tiles in position. Remember to mix just a little portion at a time as it easily dries out. Do the process until you’ve covered the entire room, but leave the mortar to dry out first before installing cut ceramic tiles along the side of the room. Leave it for at least a day.

Finishing Ceramic Tile Floors

It is now time to sparingly grout the joints between the tiles. Compared to mortar, grout is easier to use. Leave the newly installed tiles for another day to secure the cement. Afterward, wipe off cement haze with a sponge. If you’re satisfied with how your newly installed ceramic tile floors turned out, secure the grout using a sealer. This will protect your tiles from molds, dust, and spots. Wait another day before placing the furniture.


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