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6 Useful Tips For DIY Carpet Installation

There’s no such thing as a homeowner that does not want to save some cash on carpet installation. It’s just in our nature to save as much money as we can. That’s just how things work for most of us. On the other hand, it is also good to note that carpet installation is not an easy task. For those who wish to skip the hassle of installing carpets, hiring a professional is your best bet. However, all hope is not lost for those who like to DIY their way to save some cash. Read on to know more about how to install carpets on your own.

Should I DIY the carpet installation or get a flooring professional?

A lot of carpet brands are advertised and sold with “free installation” included. However, it’s not totally free installation since the carpets advertised in this way are normally sold at a higher price. If you sum it all up, it’s as if you paid for the installation as well. If you really want to save money, you could do it yourself. However, you should note that it takes some skill to install carpets in your house. A better option is to have the carpet installation Florence handled by professionals. Although you still end up spending some cash, you can be sure that the installation will be done right and you’ll have it all done without lifting a finger. If you still plan on going the DIY route, there are ways on how to have it done the right way.

Rent tools specific for carpet installation

One of the many reasons why DIY carpet installation fails is because of the lack of proper tools. Standard carpet installation may require tools including a hammer, tin snips, utility knife, chalk line, and a utility stapler. However, to make the installation easier and done properly, you may need a knee kicker, power stretcher, and steam iron. All of which are found in your local tool rental center.

Learn how to utilize a carpet stretcher

There are two types of carpet stretchers. One is the knee kicker and the other is a long power stretcher. Carpet installation takes time and some elbow grease. And without the right equipment, your carpet could look wrinkly. If you’re not familiar with the use of these devices, have the pros do it instead.

Installing tack strips

Basically, tack strips are wood or metal strips with pointed tacks. Novice DIYers normally make the mistake of placing the strips up against the wall with no room for the carpet to be tucked in. the correct way of using them is to have a gap between the tack strips and the wall.

Buy around 5% more for patterned carpets

Non-patterned carpets will not have much waste after installation. However, patterned carpets will have more which means you need to buy extra to make the patterns match and for the carpet to fit the entire space. Around 5-10 percent more is usually needed.

Don’t go over the tack strips with padding

One of the common mistakes of beginner DIYers is going over the tack strips with padding. This practice should immediately be corrected. Not only is it bad for the installation, but the huge lump will also be unsightly as well. Given the steps to install a carpet, it is best to leave it to flooring professionals Florence.

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