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2019 Carpet Trends – The Best Carpet For Your Home

Are you looking to upgrade the carpets in your home? Do you find a lot of options but can’t decide? Before you go out and buy new carpets, check out the rest of this article. We’ve got the hottest carpet trends of 2019 all sorted out for you. Check out which carpet varieties are best for your home. On the other hand, there is also some information about Florence carpet installation and why it’s important to hire a professional carpet company for the entire installation process.

Tip – do yourself a favor and hire professionals for carpet installation

  1. Water-proof carpeting – yes, you read that right. One of the carpet trends this year involves water-resistance. We won’t go into detail about the type of material that these carpets are made of. Each brand has its own unique blend of materials that results in the water-proofing of the carpets. The carpet installation is pretty much the same, though.
  1. Blue and gray carpet colors – this year, there seems to be a change in the trend. Blue and gray colored carpets are getting more popular among homeowners. There’s no particular reason for the inclination towards these colors. However, there’s reason to believe that homeowners simply want more contrast in their homes. Think of how hardwood floors contrast neutral-colored furniture and walls.
  1. Plush carpets – the ones colored black and white are popular this year. Plush carpets generally offer a soft and comfortable floor to walk on. They are widely popular due to their softness unlike other carpets. The normal carpet you often see does not have as much fluff as plush carpets do. It’s the perfect kind of carpet for people who live in colder regions.
  1. Ribbed carpeting – you often see ribbed carpeting in offices. However, it’s a thing of the past to only see them in your workplace. Ribbed carpeting has slowly gone into homes, making their way into households due to their robust nature. Ribbed carpeting can come in various colors that are different from the ones used in offices. If you dislike the color shades used in offices or simply want the same quality of the carpet but not the same color, you can find a lot of options.
  1. Twisted pile carpeting – basically, a twist carpet is suitable for any room inside the house. However, its durable nature makes it perfect for use in areas that have high traffic. Twist carpets basically offer the best of both world in terms of durability and style.
  1. Geometric patterns – this year, geometric patterns are all the rage even in carpeting. There is no particular type used in these patterns. In fact, any carpet would simply do.

For any kind of flooring installation, it is still best to hire professional flooring contractors for flooring installation. Regardless of the current trends, flooring installation done by professionals will always be better. This goes especially for carpet installation which requires a fair bit of experience to properly install.

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